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The Safe Way to Buy Beauty Products Online

February 04, 2017

These days, we shop for about everything online, from clothing to home decor. We may find that the clothes don't fit exactly or the chair looks a bit off than what you saw in the stores. With items like clothes, home decor, bags etc it may not fit exactly but it's not really a safely concern.

It's a whole different store when it comes to skincare, makeup, fragrances and hair care products. As with any type of professional or premium brand beauty product, there are thousands of fakes, diluted and expired ones floating around on third party sites such as Amazon, Jet and eBay. If you are looking for an online deal on brand name makeup, be careful: the world of knockoffs isn't just about purses. Makeup that claims to be something it's really not can be found all over the Internet.

Buying Beauty products on Amazon

But that hasn’t stopped consumers from looking to sites like Amazon and Ebay  for their products. It’s especially appealing to the budget-conscious minds, as third-party retailers make it easy to buy your favorites at lower prices than you will find in the usual stores or the retail stores. But where’s the logic in spending Rs.4200 on what you think is a skincare that usually sells for Rs.6000, only to find that it’s a total knockoff?

So how do we know which items are legitimate on Amazon?
        Look at the seller of the item!
  • If the actual brand for example, has a store front on Amazon and they are providing the items which in-turn are fulfilled by Amazon then YES, these are good. You have to look at each item that you plan to purchase.
  • If it's a third party seller then these are not 100% authentic items. You may also find these sellers are selling at a price lower than retail or what the brand has priced the items.
  • Some of the third party sellers also have fulfilled by Amazon. Meaning the sellers ship the items to Amazon in larger quantities and Amazon fulfills them through Prime. Fulfilled by Amazon does not mean that these are 100% Authentic. Always looks at the seller.

On an article published on ABC News,  Dermatologist Dr. Gloria Graf says depending on the contents of these knockoff makeup products, there is a risk "they can permanently scar you if you get a reaction on your skin that is severe enough."

So how do you spot a knockoff online?

*The prices on brand-name makeup products are highly regulated by the manufacturer. If the deal is too good to be true, there's probably something wrong.

*If you aren't sure about a product, search "how to spot a fake (name of the product)." A bunch of beauty bloggers have posted very helpful write-ups and pictures detailing the graphics mistakes and discrepancies that they say indicate you may have a knockoff.

* Some are real products watered down, some jars and containers have completely different products in a real brand name bottle, some are previously opened or expired, and some come from dumpsters.

* Also, sometimes the merchant name on these third party sites are displayed as the brand name – so BE CAREFUL. Even if it looks like the manufacturer is the merchant, it most likely is not the manufacturer.

* Ultimately if you are still not sure, ask the retailer how they determine if the products they source are 100% authentic. Ask them what process they follow to determine the authenticity of the product.

Skincare goes onto your skin. It’s not a handbag or a pair of shoes. If you happen to end up with a fake handbag, nothing is going to happen to you. You’ll be upset but fine health-wise. But if you buy a fake or expired skincare product, can you imagine what it could do to your skin? My advice to you is to not take chances. You're better off spending money for a fresh, authentic product than putting your skin at risk. Not only will it perform better on your skin, it’s safer as well.

You only live once so make the best choices for YOU!


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